2013…the WINNING Year!

start2013We don’t know about you but the word “resolution” brings a feeling of defeat! As we sit at the beginning of a new year, we’ve set some goals that we can absolutely achieve to make 2013 a winning year all the way around!

During our recent team retreat in Las Vegas, one of the goals the DiCiccio Orthodontics team members set for themselves was to Improve Our Health. This includes getting in good physical shape through exercise and an improved diet. We think that an improved smile is part of this as well. A beautiful smile makes you look younger and improves your self-confidence. A healthy mouth is also a good indicator of overall well-being. Be sure to let us know if we can help you achieve this goal for yourself.

Another goal we decided upon was to Balance Our Budget. We decided to take some time to look where we might be able to cut back and keep those extra pennies in our own wallet. Maybe this means one less Starbucks per week or eliminating extra movie channels we never have time to watch. These added pennies might be just the ones we need to help accomplish the other goals we have set.

One of our continued goals is to Pay It Forward. This goal includes getting involved in our community and doing something for someone else. We enjoy being involved in local philanthropic organizations and look for opportunities every day to show a kindness or do something for someone else. Not only does it make us realize how good our life really is, but it helps make our community a better place. 

With today’s busy lifestyle, one goal that we felt was very important was to take time to Relax and Reflect. If this goal is not made a priority, those cherished moments to yourself are quickly eaten up by never-ending chores or the “to-do list” that is a mile long. The world of technology makes it too easy to work 24/7. This precious time gives us the opportunity to prioritize and goes a long way towards reducing the stress of life

To become the best we can be, one of our goals is to Connect with Our Faith. Each of us has our own set of beliefs that determine our actions. No matter what your faith, it is important to listen to that still, small voice inside. With a strengthened faith, we know we have the tools and confidence to deal with whatever challenges may come our way. 

Last but not least, we challenged ourselves to Do Something New. Whether it’s finding a new hobby, exploring a new place, or learning a new skill, we think it is important to stimulate our minds and grow through new experiences. Our team has set their eyes on some fun new experiences for this year. Don’t be afraid to ask them what their “new thing” for the year is.

All in all…when we look at our goals, they seem pretty do-able! Especially when we aren’t using the “R” word. We challenge you to set some goals as well. We know this coming year is going to be a winning year for us, we hope it is for you too! 

We give you the challenge…”Have the courage to begin and the determination to win!” ~Sinead Duffy


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