Choosing the Best for your Child

Parents want was it best for their kids, that is a fact. Of course they want them to have a healthy smile but the main reason they seek care is that they want them to look great. Straight teeth, no spacing or over-lapping is generally what is expected. Great! The trick comes with choosing the right doctor to accomplish this, and the choices are seemingly endless. There is however a misconception that all doctors with a license can accomplish the same results.

Not all dentists are orthodontists. An orthodontist is a specialist with intensive training after dental school to learn the details of the complex biological system we will call a “bite”. Just as a specialist in the medical field, such as an orthopedist and a dermatologist, deal with their specific part of the body, an orthodontist limits his practice exclusively to orthodontic care.

Dr. DiCiccio is an orthodontic specialist. He has been specially trained to see past your child’s six crooked front teeth and see their bite three dimensionally. He uses his extensive knowledge to put together an individualized plan to create a beautiful, yet healthy and stable bite. Dr. DiCiccio is able to visualize how your child’s smile should look at the end of treatment and then coordinate all of the variables that go into achieving that outcome.

Dr. DiCiccio also has a private, single-doctor practice. The benefit of this  is that  Dr. DiCiccio and his team see fewer patients each day than a larger, multi-doctor or clinic type practice. This allows them the time to create a very specific, individualized treatment plan to insure great results for your child’s specific needs. They have flexibility at each appointment to do what it takes to “get things right”. Achieving a great result does take more time than just doing an average job.

Sure, you want your child to have a dazzling smile, we want that too! Your child deserves the best—a dazzling smile with stable, long-lasting results. The orthodontist you choose does make a difference.


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