What’s in a Smile?

A smile can convey all sorts thing. Ever hear the saying…”A smile is worth a thousand words”? A smile can convey friendliness, show compassion, create laughter, and even the devious side of a person. While we know how to read smiles and gauge their meaning, does the real secret lie in teeth themselves? Did you know the different shapes of the teeth suggest personality types?

Analyzing Your Teeth

The two front teeth, or the incisors, show a person’s age. Generally, the younger you are the more rectangular and rounded the corners of your incisors are. As you age, your front teeth become squarer and the corners begin to shorten.

Next to your incisors are your lateral incisors, which indicate gender. More feminine lateral incisors are slightly shorter and more rounded at the ends. The womanly look is referred to as a “gull-wing” silhouette. More masculine lateral incisors are almost the same size as central incisors and more squared.

Cuspids, or the teeth to the immediate left of your lateral incisors, show aggressiveness versus passivity. More pointy canines indicate more aggressive and powerful personalities. People with a more passive nature typically have flattened canines that are rounded at the tip of cuspids. 

Not only does the shape of the teeth reveal your personality but the straightness and health of the teeth say something as well. An individual with a bright, beautiful smile is going to have a healthier self-image and greater self-confidence. It’s not a secret that someone with greater self-confidence will be more energetic and go further in life. Dr. Pat DiCiccio and team love helping to create beautiful smiles and improve the self-confidence of their patients.

You can’t change your personality! You are who you are. But by doing what you can to straighten your teeth and taking care to keep them healthy with good oral hygiene, you will certainly go a long way toward keeping a positive self-image and making you who you want to be.


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