What’s the WORD?

We are taking our mission statement to a whole new level…have you noticed?

Our mission statement is important to us at DiCiccio Orthodontics.  It reflects not only our commitment to each other but also our commitment to our patients. Starting this week, you will notice each team member wearing a colored ribbon corresponding to one of the 10 key points in our mission statement. We wear these ribbons as a reminder of our commitment!

POSITIVE ATTITUDE is our first ribbon and we would like to share this week’s winning story…

One of our dear families lost their father/husband very recently this past year. It was very unexpected and rather sudden. We were all very saddened by the loss and it’s nearness to the holidays made it that much worse. With the approach of the holidays, this amazing family had the choice to sit at home and mourn their loss, which they would have had every right to do, but instead they chose to make a difference for someone else. They helped 15 other families decorate and prepare for the holidays. Their Positive Attitude made a huge difference in the lives of many other people and allowed them to celebrate as well.

We look forward to sharing the rest of our mission statement with you in the coming weeks. Feel free to ask us what each of the words or phrases mean to us or tell us your story!

Earlier this year we posted a blog which included our mission statement…if you are interested in reading the entire mission statement, check out the link below: https://diciccioorthodontics.wordpress.com/2011/07/15/our-commitment-to-you/


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