The Search is on…

Spread the word…our board is searching for applicants who are motivated, high-achieving kids, 11-17 years of age, who have definite orthodontic needs but due to special circumstances do not have the ability acquire this care on their own. By creating a positive self-image through a healthy smile, the individuals the foundation serves can maximize their potential and make meaningful contributions to our community.

Dr. DiCiccio and his team look forward to seeing the first orthodontic scholarship applications start pouring through the mail. The press conference was held in late June announcing the start of this awesome opportunity for our community. The application and instructions are available on our office website

Over the next year, Dr. DiCiccio will be providing orthodontic care for up to 12 qualified scholarship applicants who have a permanent residence in Fresno or Clovis. If you feel that someone you know might qualify, please have them review the application guidelines on our website. The board will meet on a quarterly basis to determine which candidates may qualify for the scholarships.  
All scholarship applicants must agree to uphold all appointment/scheduling/office guidelines and be willing to “pay it forward” to the community by volunteering 40 hours of their time, over the course of treatment, to a philanthropic organization that we have pre-determined. These organizations include the Saint Agnes Foundation, Assistance League of Fresno, Healthy Smiles, Readying and Beyond and Habitat for Humanity. The community service is a big part of the equation for the scholarship recipients! In return for receiving this life-changing treatment, our foundation feels it is very important for these individuals to realize the needs of others by “paying it forward”. 

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