Movie Night with a Friend!

Our first Movie Night with a Friend event was a huge success! Seven of our in-office guessing contest winners got to invite a friend to attend this premier event held in our very own 16-seat theater. As the winners and their guests arrived they were greeted by a couple of our awesome team members who explained the “rules” for the evening. The rules were there were no rules!!! They could eat ALL the candy, pizza, popcorn, ice cream and soda that they wanted and that they had to have fun! Somehow I don’t think these “rules” were too hard to follow.

After getting their fill of delicious Me & Ed’s pizza while playing video games…they got their popcorn, candy and soda and filed into the theater to find a seat. Showing on the big screen was Disney’s latest animated masterpiece Tangled. What a great movie!

The evening was not over once the movie ended though..good old ice cream sandwiches and drumsticks were served. YUM!!! A contest was held to win one of our awesome, new, insulated, logo cups! Congratulations to our patient Claire for winning. She was very excited as you can see in the picture! The evening was not complete until everyone had gone home with a goodie bag especially for them.

Our next Movie Night with a Friend will be held in July. Be sure to put in your guess when you come in for your appointment. You will definitely want to have a chance to win a “ticket” to Movie Night with a Friend.


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